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Introducing our collection of the best loose-leaf tea in Australia:
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At ARTEA The Tea Merchant, we strive to create the best organic loose leaf tea for the Australian tea drinker.

Our Philosophy: Exploring the World of Loose Leaf Tea in Australia

With a shift toward healthier lifestyles, Australians are seeking loose-leaf tea as a healthy alternative to coffee and other high-sugar beverages.  

We strongly believe in the health benefits of tea and herbs and use only the best organic loose tea leaves and botanicals to maximise their beneficial properties.  Our organic loose leaf tea range includes herbal, green and black loose-leaf tea blends hand-curated on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Why We Believe Loose Leaf Tea is the Best Choice

We like to offer the best loose leaf tea in Australia. Compared to tea bags, loose-leaf tea offers the tea drinker a more authentic tea experience and a healthier beverage.

Tea in commercial tea bags is generally lower in quality, freshness and is often from large plantations which use pesticides to grow their tea and herbs. The tea is also cut into very small unrecognisable pieces, in order to give instant flavour and strength.

Teabags have also been shown to contain plastic, in order to seal the bag and add to its durability. Loose-leaf tea, on the other hand, is plastic-free and can be brewed completely without using plastics.

Loose-leaf tea is also made with less processed tea leaves, so they retain more of their natural oils and deliver a fuller and more complex flavour. You will fall in love with the natural flavours of our loose-leaf tea blends and enjoy sipping them any time of day.

Our Top Loose Leaf Tea Blends and Brands in Australia

Organic loose-leaf tea in Australia is a niche market, comprised of a handful of tea brands. ARTEA The Tea Merchant is amongst the best organic loose leaf tea in Australia.

Each individual blend has been designed and crafted by our certified tea blender Monica to create a balance in flavour and properties and many of our loose leaf teas have been nationally recognised for their excellence.

Among our award-winning black loose leaf teas are Bush Black, Lavender Grey and Chocolate Mint. Some of our awarded herbal loose-leaf teas are Mint Fusion, Sleep Support and Blue Lavender.

What Sets Our Loose Leaf Tea Apart from the Rest

At ARTEA The Tea Merchant, we take great pride in our loose-leaf tea blends. We believe what makes our blends the best loose-leaf tea in Australia, is our craftsmanship.

ARTEA The Tea Merchant uses only pure organic ingredients, with the aim of bringing together each ingredient in a synergistic balance, where the product is unique to the individual parts.
Each of our loose-leaf tea blends is hand-crafted in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness and flavour.

Best Loose Leaf Tea Australia: Top Picks from Our Collection

ARTEA The Tea Merchant creates the best loose leaf tea in Australia! Our blends are designed and crafted to excite the senses!

Our Bush Black tea is Australia in a cup! Made with Australian Daintree Rainforest black tea and Australian-grown lemon myrtle, this medium-bodied loose-leaf tea has a bright and zesty lemon flavour and can be enjoyed as a breakfast tea or any time of day.

If you enjoy Earl Grey or French Earl Grey, then you will love our award-winning tea blend Lavender Grey. We blend the flavours of bergamot, lavender and rose with a robust Ceylon large leaf tea, to create a full-bodied and flavourful alternative to traditional Earl Grey.

Our Chocolate Mint tea blend is a favourite tea among chocolate lovers! This loose-leaf tea has rich chocolate undertones and a bright mint finish. It is full-bodied and is lovely with or without milk. Add a dash of sweetener for an after-dinner dessert tea, to help curb your sweet tooth and aid digestion.

Tired of boring peppermint tea as an evening cuppa? Then you will enjoy our multiple award-winning loose leaf herbal blend Mint Fusion. It is peppermint with a twist! We add a hint of sweetness with the addition of liquorice and finish it with light lemongrass notes. Add some excitement to your cup with Mint Fusion!

If you are looking for a truly unique herbal loose-leaf tea blend, then you should try our award-winning Blue Lavender. With lovely floral notes grounded by the spiciness of cinnamon and a mild sweet finish, this blend brews up a beautiful blue infusion that magically changes colour with a squeeze of lemon, lime juice or a splash of tonic. Impress your friends at your next morning tea.

If you suffer from an active mind and have difficulty calming down in the evening, then our wellness blend Sleep Support could be of benefit to you. Specially formulated with organic herbs traditionally known to promote relaxation and calm the central nervous system, Sleep Support can help to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, restlessness, overactive mind and insomnia. Give it a try for the best night’s sleep.

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