Nepali Summer Black 50g

Summer Black 2018 is known as Second Flush because it is this second harvest of the year.  Picking begins in early Summer (June) and ends during mid-July.  It is made up of the two leaves and a bud pickings of high-grown tea bushes from altitudes that vary from 1200-1800 meters.


Summer Black tea reveals a smooth to rich fruity taste and complex floral to spicy aromas. The body of the liquor is full and fills palate completely with a sweet finish. The liquor exhibits a bright orange colour with some depth in red hues. This tea is reminiscent of plums, peaches and wild berries and is not astringent.


Certified Organic & Fairtrade


1 tsp per cup | 70ºC – 80ºC | 3 – 4 minutes | 4 x Minutes

Nepali Summer Black 50g