Lavender Grey

An aromatic Earl Grey with a balance of citrus and floral notes with a full bodied flavour and mild astringency.


When the second Earl Grey travelled to France in the summer of 1831, he met and fell in love with a beautiful French Debutante.  As a token of her love for him, she gave him a gift of black tea with lavender and rose petals from her garden.  Upon his return to Britain, the Earl brewed this tea daily in memory of his first love.  This blend is a reincarnation of this young love, combining traditional organic Earl Grey tea with beautiful organic lavender flowers & fragrant rose petals.  Feel the love.

Perfectly smooth on its own or deliciously sensual with milk and honey.


Ingredients:  Certified Organic Ceylon tea, Certified Organic: lavender flowers, rose petals and bergamot oil.

Lavender Grey